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Ahwaz City

Capital of wealthy Khuzestan province Ahwas, which is located on both banks of Karun River, is known as one of the oldest cities in Iran and has been mentioned to its name in many ancient inscriptions. It was called “Oxin” and then Achaemenians called it “ Avaz” or “ Avaja”, “ Hormoz Shahr” in the Sassanians ( 3rd AD) and now is called Ahwaz .

Karun River

Since the province was the land of Elamites, Achaemenians and Sassanian winter capital, there are a lot of historical monuments around Ahwas.

Susa, 117 km northwest of Ahwaz is comprises one of the oldest civilization in the Middle East. The ruins of the Achaemenian palaces are still visible. The best surviving example of Elamite architecture, the Ziggurat of Chogha Zambil (1250 BC), is located 45 km southeast of Susa. Shushtar, another ancient town which was made on the Karun River is famous for water mills, Shadorvan Bridge and Band-e Ghaisar, all constructed during the Sassanian period.




Ahwaz City

Choghazanbil Ziggurat- Susa