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Mashad City

The capital of Khorasan province Mashad is situated 909 km. from Tehran in a plain between the two mountain ranges of Binalood and Hezar Masjed. Being the third most interesting tourist pole of Iran after Isfahan and Shiraz,

Holy Shrine of Imam Reza

Mashad enjoys a moderate, mountainous climate. It has been an important trade centre and junction point on caravan routes and highways from India to Iran and from north to south between Turkistan towns and sea of Oman.


Until 9th centuryAD, the present location of Mashad was a small village called Saabad.After the martyrdom of Imam Reza, eighth of the Shiites Imams, in this place the city was called Mash-had-e Moqadas (sacred Mashad). Since then his tomb became one of the main centre of pilgrimage for Shiites.


Plus the magnificent holy shrine of Imam Reza and Goharshad Mosque which are one of the most important sample of Islamic architectures, there are many other place of interest located in and around Mashad such as Tomb of Ferdowsi(10th century AD), the great epic poet of Iran located in ancient city of Toos, about 30 km Northwest of Mashad and tomb of Omar Khayam the great Persian mathematician, astronomer and philosopher of 11th century AD, whose quatrains are world famous, is in Nayshabour 110 km south west of Mashad.


Tomb of Omar Khayam - Neyshabur

Tomb of Ferdowsi - Tus