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Shiraz City

With 2700 years antiquity, Shiraz, the capital city of Fars province, is famous for its historical monuments, many beautiful gardens, orangeries, roses, fragrant blossoms, poets and kings. This beautifully cut gemstone amongst Iranian cities, the city of culture and fascinating poems and enchanting elegies, is the birthplace of two of


the greatest poet of the world, Saadi and Hafez.

The antiquity of the city goes back to the period before Islam. With gradual ruin of the city of Estakhr, Shiraz expanded and flourished during the Safavid and Zand periods. Karim Khan-e Zand made Shiraz his capital. Therefore, many historical monuments of the city like Vakil Mosque, Bath, Bazaar and citadel belong to this time. Tomb of Hafez and Saadi, the glittering holy shrine of Shah-e Cheragh( king of lights), Nasir-ul-molk Mosque, Eram and Narenjestan gardens are the other place of interest.

Being the centre of the great Persian Empires, the Achaemanians and Sassanians, Fars province has a lot more to offer. There are more than 300 pieces of historical relices scattered around the province that the majority of them are pre-Islamic monuments. Some of Iran’s and indeed, the world’s most important archaeological sites such as Pasargad ( the majestic tomb of Cyrus the great) and Persepolis ( Takht-e Jamshid) the massive and magnificent palace complex of Darius the great plus many other Achaemanian and Sassanian relics are located all over the province.


Hafez Tomb

Eram Garden