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Tehran City

The modern metropolis, Tehran (meaning warm slope) was originally a village on the suburb of Rey, Iranian capital until Mongol invasion of the country in 1220 AD, when its population moved to present site of Tehran.

Tehran’s development as an independent city began in the 18th century, when it was finally chosen as the capital by Qajar dynasty. Therefore, most of the historical buildings of Tehran are of the same period.

With an approximate area of 600 km2, and a population in excess of seven millions (some believe the population to be much more), Tehran is situated at the foot of the southern slope of Alborz Mountain. The average altitude of the city is1200 meters. It is hot and dry in summer and cold in winter. Max. Temperature is 42C and min. -16C.

Various Museums and Palaces, such as Archaeological, Carpet, and breathtaking National Jewelry museums, Golestan complex and Sa’ad abad complex palaces are located in Tehran. In addition to different beautiful parks, there are many holiday resorts, in and out of the city such as skiing resorts of Ab-ali and Dizin, Tochal cable car, Karaj Dam, Damavand, and etc.

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Sa'adabad - The Green Palace