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Yazd City

The city of “Badgirs”- wind towers, or the ancient city of Yazd, in central Iran, is famous for its outstanding architecture. Situated in a vast dry valley, 677kms south of Tehran, Yazd has a dry climate with hot

The old part of Yazd

summers and cold winter. It was only the clever architecture that enabled the people to tolerate the hot summer. The ventilation structures called badgir were the most important means by which the interior became cool. These kind of architecture still can be seen in older part of the city, therefore, for this reason, Yazd is called the city of‘Badgirs”

It is also the main Centre for Iran's small Zoroastrian community, who seeking refuge from the invading Arabs found a safe haven within its fortified walls. There are many fire temples and other Zoroastrian places of pilgrimage which attract people of the faith from all over Iran. Outside Yazd are the two abandoned Towers of Silence ( Dakhma ), dating back to the 17th century, where until some 40-50 years ago the dead were carried there and left to decompose and be devoured by birds.
As a city having one of the oldest architecture all over the world, Yazd has also been declared a global city and heritage of mankind by UNESCO.

There are many place of interest in and out of Yazd, such as Jameh Mosque, Amir Chakhmaq, Complex, Fahadan (the old part of the city) and etc.


Amir Chakhmaq Square

Dolat Abad Garden